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Pain, Promises, & Protestations

of a Recovering

Sex Addict

original journal content by
John R.
a fellow traveler sharing a recovery road

Welcome to Experience, Strength, & Hope

There is but one purpose here: Sharing journeys, resources, and encouragements for and by those struggling with sexual_addiction.

Image by adrianna geo
A note from John R.

Just another face in a room where faces do not matter.

Since the first time I entered a room of recovering sex addicts seeking peace and life, I have been humbled by the stories I've heard that are so much like my own. The knowledge that I am not uniquely clever in my acting-out was a significant factor in my willingness to begin a 12 Step program and to trust what I was hearing. 

I will talk more about my sobriety — and lack of it — in this journal; I am far from perfect in my recovery efforts. It is my hope that by adding my voice to those that reached out to me, you or someone you know may find community, help, and hope in the fellowship of others that are recovering from compulsive behaviors, especially sexual addiction.


Experience, Strength, and Hope. Yeah, that's the ticket...

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