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More About Johnny Rēco

Johnny Reco is not officially affiliated with any recovery organization. He has attended meetings of Sexaholics Anonymous (SA), Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), and has found great value in their differences as well as their similarities. A growing number of resources are available on this site that is influenced or created by each of these organizations. 


JR's 'home' meeting is associated with SAA, so most of the material found here will likely be from or influenced by this branch of the recovery tree. His first Step workshop experience was flavored by a combination of SAA and SA literature.


Johnny Reco's first introduction to 'S' groups was an SLAA meeting while on a business trip in the middle of Missouri, and he will be forever grateful for their compassion and wisdom.

About JohnnyReco.com from JR

My name is John, and I am a grateful recovering sex addict. My addiction manifests in serial affairs, illicit massage parlors, sex for pay, and sexualizing everything. As of this check-in, I have been sober 547 days.


Since 2017, when I first entered that room of recovering sex addicts seeking peace and life in Columbia, MO, I have been humbled by the stories I've heard that are so much like my own. The knowledge that I was not uniquely clever in my acting-out was a significant factor in my willingness to begin a 12-Step program. 

I will talk more about my sobriety in these pages, but I am far from perfect in my recovery efforts. I hope that by adding my voice to those that reached out to me, others may find comfort in the community of those recovering from compulsive behaviors, especially from sexual addiction. This disease is far more common in our world than most people can imagine.


The contributing causes and the cries for help are all around us. Many of my journal entries have been reactions to pop culture; a random song lyric, a TV show, a disturbing news story, or a movie that has moved me. That does not suggest that any of the sources I may reference are directly related to sex addiction (or any form of addiction, for that matter). Still, as a former disc jockey, it has long been my observation that songwriters and poets have a unique vision into the soul of pain, struggle, redemption, and celebration. As a journalist, I have observed a lifetime of brokenness and resurrection reflected back at me from screens and news stories.


Sometimes we are touched in mystical ways that artists and story-tellers never intended or imagined.

At least that is my experience, and from that comes strength and hope.

My Three Circles

The Johnny Reco logo represents the three circles of recovery that many 12-Steppers consider critical to a successful program. If you are not yet familiar with that concept, you will be.

While this website is part of Johnny R's 12th-Step on Recovery Road,

the 12th tradition of “Sex Addicts Anonymous” states:


"Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions,

ever reminding us to place principles before personalities." 


In that spirit, 'Johnny Reco' is the pen name, or nom de plume, of the creator and author of this website.

While the first name is real, the last name is an homage to the reason we are here — Rēcovery.

He intends to remain anonymous.

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If you would like to re-use any of JR's original words (those not credited to others), you are welcome. The only requirement is to let me know where/how the words are being used, and to cite the source as JohnnyReco.com.

If you wish to use for COMMERCIAL purposes, please contact me with details and for appropriate permissions.


Thank you for caring about these issues, and for the privacy and integrity of sharing intellectual property for the common good.

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