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Privacy, Etc.

The nature of Johnny Rēco's Journal is obviously very sensitive. I take the anonymity values of 12 Step programs very seriously here, so my privacy policy is simple:

I do not collect any user's name, email, or other personally identifiable information without their specific permission. Any actions a visitor may initiate, such as signing up for notifications, email lists, purchasing products, or other functions may or may not result in the storing of minimal information that allows us to engage with you or otherwise transact whatever business or communications you may request. Your information will never be sold, shared, or even looked at except as may be required for the aforementioned purposes. Users' continued use of this site acknowledges and agrees with the above constraints. Any information which may be collected will be deleted, discarded, or destroyed at the user's request.



I may use cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of counting visitors and limited other information such as general geography, time of visits, etc. This does not include any personally identifiable information.

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