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April 02 • God or Religion?

Day 267

Our Higher Power is a big part of 12 Step programs. There is wide berth given for each of us to identify or define that Power. This concept of the supernatural was supposed to be the easy part for me; I'm supposed to know this stuff. I've even proclaimed throughout my acting-out that God, my understanding of my Higher Power, never abandoned me. I still believe that. But I'm also gaining in my recognition as to how I've abandoned Him. I have a long way to go to be vulnerable to Him. I have more questions about this than I have answers. Separating my relationship with God from my relationship with religion seems like a precondition to recovery, not just from my addiction, but from my image-controlling compulsion. I'm pretty sure this is all tied together, but I'm looking for the pieces that I can achieve in small steps, one at a time.




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