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April 28 • Easy Goes It

Day 293

As my recovery has taken hold and made progress, I've had days when I was eager to help another, when my desire to find a little sunshine in this journey has me reaching out to someone that I think can learn from me. But I am wary of that, concerned that this is a vestige of the addict in me that wants to rebuild the image I cannot maintain, even here in recovery. Then I am reminded of the fellows that reached out to me in such small ways in my first year. Often it was no more than a "keep coming back" after a vulnerable disclosure; no answers, no DIY fix-it booklet, just raw encouragement. This minimalistic interaction used to bother me, but I now believe it is the collective or institutional wisdom of years of learning how best to help each other, especially when the person we're trying to help has not yet committed to the path. I do want to help, but I need to learn these subtle steps that help without hurting. Steps with boundaries that protect me as well as provide appropriate support to the new guy.

"It works if you work it...




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