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August 02 • Positive Rejection

Day 389

Will I ever get to be someone's fresh water in a sea of presumed salt, or must every addict float alone for a season of burning thirst with no land in sight? I never imagined that others could help me.

Even as I discovered meetings and acceptance, I just knew that those guys were different; that they had not done what I had done and did not think about what I thought about all the time. I was undoubtedly further from the shore and the shipping lanes than they had ever been.

The first help I remember receiving was when a potential sponsor declined to help me.

"I don't think you're serious about getting better, and I won't waste my time on you."

'WHAT THE HELL?' was my first reaction, followed quickly by, 'how does he know?' This rejection began the slow process of turning my boat in a different direction and drinking from the experience of these wise and broken men waiting for me to want to see them and welcome them into my life.

That man that first refused me is now my sponsor.



'Jected, I was rejected

I wasn't good enough to be elected

Lava, it was like lava

Moving through my body like fire

'Jected, I was rejected

I wasn't good

–Allie X, ”All The Rage"



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