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August 03 • Addicted to Morality?

Day 390

Is moral rigidity a common dynamic within a sex addict?? It certainly describes my inner view of my outward self for most of my life, but I thought of it more as an inner conflict than an addict-brain indicator at work. Or perhaps it's more indicative of the addict in recovery?

In Hamlet, Shakespeare has one character accuse another of protesting too much to hide their underlying guilt. I've never thought that my conservative hard-lines on such things might have been a smokescreen to hide my own predilections. At the same time, it's been my observation for years that preachers tend to preach to themselves in that you can often tell about their struggles by listening to the focus of their sermons. But I was always different, or maybe I was just the same.

Either way, I want to learn about any commonality like this as it helps me with my focus and, frankly, the credibility I find in the program.



You the skid in the rain

You’re trying to shift

You’re grinding the gears

You’re trying to shift

You’re the same kind of bad as me

–Tom Jones, ”Bad as Me"



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