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August 09 • Creative Recovery

Day 396

The idea of art as a source of therapy, or even as a metaphor for the creativity of recovery, is not something I've considered or observed. I'm not opposed to the idea, but as someone who's always thought of themselves as having a lot of creativity, it's difficult to separate some of that from my addictive behaviors. I don't know why, and this isn't the result of a lot of internal arguing, but it's just not evident to me.

However, being able to put my words and thoughts on paper has undoubtedly been a blessing and an effective bit of therapy, so maybe that's the start. I'll pay attention to this as I hear others reveal their journeys; perhaps this is a valuable tool or even a factor to encourage.



Will you?

Oh, can you?

Step outside the bounds

Force new thought and reason

Challenge your mind with altered grounds

–The Azoic, ”Truth"



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