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August 12 • 'what you think?

Day 399

Not caring what people think is not a skill of mine. In fact, it has been a paralyzing part of my persona, and I often spend more time thinking about how my 'image' will be impacted by a decision than calculating the various actually important factors. This is wrong. This is unhealthy.

Not caring how our deeds and words impact others is not the perfect opposite, but caring less about other people's views of me personally is critical for me to move forward to places I need to be. As long as I'm not careless or intentionally hurtful — and I think I can trust my motives in that arena — then I need to trust the truth or even trust that being wrong about something is not the end of the world.

Finding out that people closest to me, those I have been protecting the most with my good-guy image, don't really see me in that realm of perfection – and never have – has been incredibly freeing.



Are you afraid of what they think?

Whoever "they" happen to be

Or are you hiding

From the scars of your own Reality?

–Staind, ”Reality"



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