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August 13 • No Credit, Blame Only

Day 400

Blaming others for my shortcomings has never been a big part of my thinking. According to a variety of personality inventories, I've scored in the dysfunctional areas of accepting too much blame when things have gone wrong.

But I have done the opposite; when things have gone right, I'm quick to give credit to others and certainly to the Divine. Now I'm wondering whether that might be just as bad, or at least just as telling relative to my addiction.

I do like being part of a community — supernatural as well as human — that brings about good things. But if I do not assert my value and accomplishments, is that just another expression of low self-esteem and belief that I do not deserve good things.

Where is that line between humility and just knowing I suck?



I gotta thank mama for the cookin'

Daddy for the whuppin'

The devil for the trouble that I get into

I got to give credit where credit is due

I thank the bank for the money

Thank God for you

–Sawyer Brown, ”Thank God for You"



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