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August 22 • Slowly at First

Day 409

We often refer to our illness as ‘baffling,’ and indeed it is. But just as unexpected and unexplainable to my still-recovering mind is the emerging truths of The Promises. I initially received them as unnecessary hyperbole aimed at corralling helpless addicts into the program. Then I began seeing that my fellows in meetings actually believed these cult-like delusions, and they even gave testimony to their life-saving qualities.

Then I began experiencing them, slowly at first, and even now, not yet all of them. I then started believing in the future of recovery and leaned into The Promises, celebrating what I had received firsthand, not doubting the ones I saw in others, and content that the ones I needed would come to me when they were needed. In the meantime — today — I will do the work and trust in The Promises and my Higher Power to provide my needs in the proportions that will continue to help restore life and sanity.



Don't you believe, I'm gonna believe, I'm gonna believe

Yes, I do believe, oh yes, I do believe

I'm going to believe, I'm gonna believe y'all

And I gotta believe, I gotta believe, I gotta believe

–Al Jarreau, ”Could You Believe?"



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