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August 24 • Just Me

Day 411

Isolation from other people is one thing. Isolation from reality is another, as is separation from God.

There are other forms of setting aside oneself in destructive ways, but recognizing this tendency — or intentionality — as a negative instead of a time for recharging, is to take the first steps to connections and re-connections.

This danger zone is not just 'being alone,’ something that we all should be able to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Isolation allows my darker self to take me to places I do not want to share with others, initially because of the unique pleasures I find there, and then because of the shame I have in what I do when I am there.

It becomes a place of pursuit for deeds and thoughts that can create an addict and, at a minimum, feed the addictive nature.

Our Higher Power is among those we seek to avoid through isolation. By opening the doors of our darkness, we allow the light of the divine to cast away the shadows, sometimes one at a time, until being alone is better described as being with God. There is a vast difference between isolation and time with God, if we allow it.



Isolation is not good for me

Isolation I don't want to sit on the lemon-tree

I'm steppin' around in the desert of joy

–Fool's Garden, ”Fool's Garden"



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