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December 21 • Make 'em Laugh

Day 165

It seems to be a sign of healing between my wife and me when one of us makes a spontaneous wisecrack about something I've done or something that reminds us of the stupid behaviors without triggering emotional anger or shame. It may be the slowest of the indicators to reveal itself, but it is very refreshing when it occurs.

At the same time, my inclination to over-use witty misdirection and sarcasm is not generally so well received; only the straightforward pun or quick observation seems to be healing.

I have hidden much of my brokenness behind the masks of drama and comedy. I can see the dangers of continuing to do that, yet I am frightened at the prospect of not doing that. If people are laughing at my cleverness and repartee, I must be doing something right.




I'd rather not give in, to the fray

Fake it, to the grave

Take it, come what may, yeah

I've had enough

Comedy, Tragedy, Dramedy

I'm not alone

–5 To A Hill, "Monarchy"


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