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December 27 • Not Alone

Day 171

This community of anonymous sex addicts that I have embraced and been embraced by, is as real as any group I have ever experienced. I value how it "borrows" from the traditions of my faith and produces practical applications that are safe for people of all faiths. Or no faith.

For the first time in my addiction, I find myself wanting to open up about my struggles and my darkest shames. I have lived a life of hiding all my imperfections at the expense of relationships, jobs, and self-esteem. This reversal, partial as it still is, has been life-changing, and I'm still early in recovery. It just seems like a really big deal.



Something’s gotta change but you don’t know how

Feel the pressure building all around

Lift your voice and go on let it out (Oh)

Open up Open up

–Zachary Ochsner, "Open Up"


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