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February 09 • Thank You for This?

Day 215

I met with my sponsor yesterday, and in the course of normal conversation, he mentioned that he was thankful that he had this addiction. He went on to give his personal reasons.

His explanation was not a reading from a meeting or a proverbial Hallmark smoke-blowing; this is where he lives. I'm still so busy processing my stupidity and guilt that I cannot imagine being thankful for any of this, but his words resonated with the experiences I've had in meetings; the testimonials as well as the overall Spirit that dominates each hour. These guys seem to believe that they are better people for having gone through the steps and trusting God with their brokenness.

It is not that they are better than a dirty rotten sex addict, and not better than anyone else, just better.

I have had moments of belief. I am thankful for the hope of more.




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