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July 08 • Another Leap

Day 364

In the 50th year since the first moonwalk and the infamous "...one small step" utterance (and especially as I approach my one-year birthday since my last acting-out at a massage parlor), recognizing the differences between the day before we take the necessary step toward sobriety, and the day afterward, is appropriate.

The day before Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, no one had ever stepped anywhere but on earth, and now we can never go back to that small-mindedness that claimed we could not do it.

For months, years really, I believed I was stuck in a life of sexual obsession and later in dangerous acting out behaviors. Then one day, I stepped out — a moment that comes at different places in the continuum of a sex addict's journey. While I cannot ever again live a life where I had never been an adulterer and liar, I can choose never to go back to the thinking that said I could not recover.

And I do.




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