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July 12 • Traveling Man

Day 368

I love to travel, to see new places, to admire the beauty of God's creation, and his creation's attempts to express life through art and architecture. It doesn't feel like a search for greener grass, but I'm willing to consider that as I sort through the reasons I've done and been what I've done and been.

I have sometimes pondered whether my true joy is in experiencing exotic places around the world, or more in being the guy that gets to go to those distant retreats. Do I get more from taking in the marvels I see or seeing the looks of admiration from people who are not so fortunate? Am I truly enjoying the moments, or just building my image and reputation as a superior being among those who have been put in my life to serve me along life's roads.

It is beyond humbling to consider the effect that my arrogance and image-manipulation have had on feeding my addiction and mistreating the people I truly love.



Hear me cryin', it's a

Green, green, it's green they say

On the far side of the hill

–The New Christy Minstrels, ”Green Green"



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