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July 14 • Quitting is Easy

Day 370

I saw a video yesterday suggesting that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety; the opposite of addiction is connectedness. So much of what I hear and witness in my recovery supports this. Arguably, stopping is the easy part; it's the next day, and the day after that where most people fail to continue their recovery.

I should know; I have quit a couple of hundred times all by myself.

The difference seems to be in how connected we are willing to become, how much of our precious isolation we are willing to set aside to reach new levels of living in community. This distinction is certainly true in my experience.

This recovery is not a road we can walk alone. We arrive alone, often convinced we're the only ones that have done what we've done and suffered the way we've suffered. Then we learn we are not at all unique, and that is the first step toward never being alone again. That does not guarantee sobriety, but it guarantees we will have the tools and support to live life sober, if we so choose.



We all were lost and we are found

No one can stop us or slow us down

We are the named and we are known

We know that we'll never walk alone

–Thrice, ”Image of the Invisible"


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