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June 09 • Reaching Out

Day 335

I hear guys say they are glad they are a sex addict. Not that they are pleased they are a recovered sex addict (that too) but just an addict. It seems like a lot of rationalization to me, but I have had glimpses of feeling the same way.

I think it has to do with recognizing that only sex addiction recovery can unearth some of the things we learn about ourselves. I think it also has to do with a built-in desire to help others based on our own trials and experiences. I'm very well aware of that desire in me, but I have anxiety about taking on too much and knowing when I'm healthy enough to extend my strength into another person. It seems reasonably cautious, but it may just be another example of my lack of courage.

I don't worry too much about that; I'll leave the timing and opportunities to help others to my Higher Power, and will pray for the wisdom to change the things I can, and to recognize when to run in, and when to run away.




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