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June 18 • Take Me a Break

Day 344

This experience of recovery has been a journey in slowing down. As much as I want everything to be right and fixed and understood yesterday, this may be the most patient I've been about anything in my life.

As I think about ways to implement 'sabbatical' thinking, I've found people who take an hour a day, a day a month, and a week a year, to slow down. Taking intentional time to rest and reflect and participate in a wide swath of spiritual intake has been a principle of life-success for millennia. I've spent most of my life relegating refreshment to time leftover after accomplishment. I'm learning that refreshing one's energy and vision is likely far more key to achievement — more specifically to successfully being — than 'earning' our vacation time.

If 'work hard/play hard' is a description of a formula, shouldn't 'rest well/live well' be an option as well?

What is the priority? What is more likely to take me where I want to be?




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