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June 22 • Childish Behavior

Day 348

It has been an interestingly recurring theme in my recovery that there seems to be a direct connection between beating addiction and releasing your inner child, and through that, your inner creator. This has been consistent in both what I've received from others and in my own experience.

But there is also the pattern that many creative people lose themselves in abusive behaviors that look a lot like addiction, and it seems, anecdotally, that creative people have at least a modestly higher risk of self-destruction, including suicide.

For now, I'm content to add this to the list of contradictions in my psyche, if not in the real world. I also believe it is no coincidence in this context that Jesus said that unless we become like one of these children, we could never enter into the kingdom of God. Children do more of life than most adults; they laugh more, they cry more, they wet their pants, they break stuff that matters and stuff that doesn't, and there is always someone who loves them anyway. Children are also better at reaching up and asking to be picked up, and better at loving people that don't deserve it.

Dear Abba, help me help a child to keep those childish things that we so often encourage them to abandon. And help me find just a few of mine...



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