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March 01 • Own my Own Feelings

Day 235

I've been told repeatedly in the past few months that I have to learn to 'own' my emotions. I'm happy to be happy, but apparently, I'm supposed to be okay with being not okay, too.

This level of honesty is so hard. Where is the line between being a whiner that wears their emotions on their sleeve, and being open and honest about something that's bothering you? And in the case of a sex addict that has committed so many grievous acts, does that line move because we have forfeited our 'right' to have an opinion about the behavior of others? Especially those people we have hurt so badly?

What standing do I now have to point out someone else's issue that bothers me, or even to permit someone else's behavior to bother me?

Am I supposed to own that frustration?




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