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March 22 • Forgive Me. Really?

Day 256

Do I want to forgive myself?

I fear I may have allowed so much anger and unforgiveness to reside in my shadows that it is now part of me, and the thought of releasing it is oddly terrifying. Do I want to forgive myself — as well as others?

Of course, I do! Don't I?

Why does this strike me so unexpectedly? How do I forgive the unforgivable in myself, and how do I release myself from the wrongs that I've clung to for decades? I think I need to figure this out, and probably quickly.

I do want to be well. I do want to be free from the restraints of the past. I do want to give to others what I'm asking them to give me: forgiveness.

Who will I be, who will I become, if I learn to give and receive such profound gifts?




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