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May 27 • Truthiness

Day 322

Does the addict's voice have a place in society?

Can the lessons of honesty and brokenness be shared in ways that contribute to people that don't yet know they need to hear them?

It is sad to me that people in control of society's tone, value honesty so little as to enforce it with consequences only when abused in legal settings.

Should those who have learned the hard way about the destructive power of deceit speak intentionally into our society as broken vessels choosing to be examples of the rebuilding power of truth as a way of life?

How can something so simple and universally exclaimed as a virtue, be so trodden upon in politics and courtroom cleverness as if telling the truth is a matter of mere courtesy?

I fear nothing civilized can long survive once the love of truth is supplanted by the eroding pursuits of control, power, and profit. That is certainly true for my addiction when I choose a fractured truth to cover my pain from what others have done to me, and what I have done to others and to myself.

Here endeth the rant.




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