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May 28 • Where is Here to There?

Day 323

Where is that mystical line that tells us we have reached the balance of whatever part of our existence we are seeking? So much of life's difficulties seem to come out of an imbalance, wanting more than we need, having more than we want, saying more — or less — than we should.

How do we transition from the go-getter control-freak that turned to us toward instant gratification for pain relief, to the person that is still productive in their new skins of humor and serenity while walking instead of running? Where is that edge between always looking for the next big deal or experience, and being okay with sitting on the porch listening to the birds sing? How do we get to where we want to be, instead of where we think others think we should be? How do we learn to be content in all circumstances?

God, deliver me from my imbalance, and from my need to be in balance. Please grant me the peace that comes from resting in you; I believe I can be okay with that.




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