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November 16 • Diverting Questions

Day 495

When did I become a sex addict, and who was to blame as an influencer in my life?

Was I ever not an addict, and was anyone actually responsible for any of my malady?

The further into recovery I go, the less I seem to need answers to those questions, but at one time, they were critical to me, and they may be again someday. For now, it doesn't seem to change what I need to do to continue my recovery, so I'm able to let go of it a bit. For others, vivid memories of abuses and abusers require more knowledge and work in this area before moving on.

Are there differing needs in recovery for the person with memories compared to the person without recollections? Are such needs critical to changing our surroundings and those surrounding us in order to see positive changes in our lives?

I can argue in multiple directions, but I have chosen to take practical action and make changes in my life. If all I do is attend twelve-step meetings, that is a considerable change in both how I spend my time and with whom I spend it. I'll be content with that for now and will continue to believe that my Higher Power will use the program to guide my future decisions and directions regarding the people and purposes of my life.



What's a boy to do?

I may be scattered

A little shattered

What does it matter?

No one has a fit like I do

–Foo Fighters, ”Disenchanted Lullaby"


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