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November 28 • My Word

Day 507

Writing has always been a place of refuge for me. It began as part of my relationship with my Grandmother as we would read poetry together. She would encourage me to write my reactions and my original rhymes.

More recently, a faith-based executive coach leading me through some self-realization brought me to an understanding that most of my joy, and perhaps most of my most intimate communications with God, have come through times of writing. Now I’m discovering the unique role of putting emotions and analytics to paper (or keyboard) and the power that has in my recovery.

Like so many other moments of discovery in recovery, I do not understand this; neither do I question it beyond a point of curiosity. This knowledge is part of my new reality that includes embracing life and working at the things that can make life better. God gives us tools to use for His purpose, and sometimes we abuse them in serving our addiction or for other selfish endeavors, but the tools remain available to us as we turn away from childish things.

If I did not believe in a personal God, I might look at this written mystical connection as my Higher Power. That has good and bad theological implications, and I don’t mean to connect it that way, but all these scribbles are much more than just combining letters and hoping it works out.

I should have learned this long ago, but perhaps this is one of those things for which we can thank our recovery — and maybe even our addictions — for helping us learn.



You think that I don't even mean

A single word I say

It's only words, and words are all

I have to take your heart away

–Bee Gees, ”Words"



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