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October 11 • Listening Skills

Day 459

Talking TO people has always come easy for me. I can be dramatic, informative, humorous, or all the above at once; I'm pretty good at it. It's talking WITH people that I don't do well.

Even in conversation I could fool people into believing it was two-way, when most of the time I was trying to manipulate a situation, prevail in an argument, or, more recently, seduce someone.

Learning to listen, to give feedback, and to share in a verbal moment with another person at another level is proving to be quite enlightening. With the added newness of undefended honesty with everyone, it's also quite the adventure.

I've been so protective of my image, fake as it was, that I was never wholly free to engage in this intimacy. I've still got a ways to go, but it's nice to experience the benefits bit by bit.



I was out here listening all the time

And I will write this down

And then I will not be alone again yeah

I was out here listening

–Dar Williams, ”Are You Out There"



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