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Day 933 • Have You Heard the One...?

I read an article today on my newsfeed that first got my attention because I thought it was a tip on increasing productivity for writers. As I read through it, the focus was more about making everyone more productive by a little writing exercise. It seemed very familiar, but it took me a minute to make the connection.

The article was from author Neil Pasricha, a self-described depressive workaholic. His suggestion — which the article claims has scientific data supporting it — is to take a few minutes every day to complete the following three short sentences:

"I will focus on..." "I am grateful for..." "I will let go of..."

As a grateful recovery sex addict, I recognize each of these as central to my outer ring of daily affirmations or habits that help me avoid slips into my middle circle, and further failings into my inner circle.

I've heard it said several times in 12 Step meetings that the world would be a better place if every high school or college student had to complete a 12 Step program before graduation. That suggestion is mostly an expression of how much the program has added to our lives, but it is not a bad idea. This article by Pasricha seems to confirm for the rest of the world what Steppers have been learning for nearly a hundred years. While recovery from addictions of all kinds can be very difficult, it's not rocket science. One step at a time and one day at a time changes lives in a world where everyone wants to sprint through life at the expense of enjoying the journey.


I will focus on staying sober, which I know is the only path toward the other things I want in life.

I am grateful for grace and a Higher Power that guides me one day at a time.

I will let go of things I cannot control.

God, grant me the serenity to stay focused, grateful, and wise, at least for today.




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