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September 08 • Honestly!

Day 426

Damn, damn, damn. Of course, I know how important honesty is. Of course, I understand that any recovery that is not honesty-based is just another relapse waiting to happen. Of course, of course, of course!

How can a man with such a reputation for honesty have been such a lying sonofabitch? And why do I flinch when I read a meditation or hear another fellow call us all to a more honest life? I don't know, but that's an honest response to another insight about how the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde life of the addict has been my life for much longer than I ever really considered. It's me. I am one.




I'm saying yes to things that usually are no for me

I kiss the neon night and let it have control

I do bad things to good versions of me

I find good things in bad versions of me

–Killer Mike, ”Bad Things"



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