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September 11 • Crises Discipline

Day 429

For whatever reason, 'crisis-management' has been one of the hallmarks of my career(s). The more stressed those around me become, the more focused and calm I seem to be as I move to implement strategies and solutions. But inevitably, I will end up blaming myself for not having done something to avoid the crisis in the first place, even if I had nothing to do with it.

One legitimate place where the crises could likely have been less was if I had procrastinated less; a stitch in time, and all that. I have often wished I was more disciplined, even telling my wife that I wanted to be more like her in that regard.

The lack of self-discipline is one of those areas where I've never really associated my addictive behaviors as being connected. I'm still not sure what that connection is, but it certainly is common in our Step meetings, so I'm inclined to study this as part of my recovery and to try to improve this deficiency.



Discipline can stop my hunger

Discipline can quench my thirst

Discipline can make me stronger

If it doesn't kill me first

–Joe Jackson, ”Discipline"



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