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September 22 • Uniquely the Same

Day 440

One of the most important convincing reasons for me choosing to be in group recovery is recognizing how common and clinical my addiction has been. When I see myself in the books and fellows of the shame mirror, I can also believe in the promises delivered to the people now in my life.

As long as I thought I was uniquely clever or uniquely pitiful, there was no hope. Every struggle I've experienced in recovery has been retold or foretold by people that are now my friends. These include writings I've read as well as those I sit next to in meetings.

These people are not replacing others in my life, except for those who need replacing. But they are allowing me to open up to genuine and healthy relationships that have nothing to do with addictive behaviors or leaning into numbness.



I'm not talking to you anymore

Making my bed so I can lie there forever

I don't know what I'm doing this for

All I know is that I'm tired of being clever

Everybody is clever these days

–She & Him, ”Never Wanted Your Love"



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