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April 08 • More Like me

Day 273 There was great sadness in believing that I had no family or friends that I could turn to about my compulsion. Whether I did or not, it was the perception and paranoia that I did not that kept me in isolation and secrecy. My family could easily have turned me away — and perhaps they still will in one way or another — but even that could be no worse than living a life of lies that was headed for destruction.

I was sharing with my wife yesterday that I am aware of a new compassion for other guys that are going through this addiction and feel like they have no one to turn to. When the only people you can open up to are the very feeders and participants of your addiction, there is not much chance of recovering. I am feeling a preparation to reach out to others, but at the same time, a caution to not get ahead of my recovery.

Everything in its time. One day at a time... –JR

April 08 • More Like me
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