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April 24 • Concrete Promises

Day 289 The "Promises" of my recovery program have lifted my heart and soul to places of undeserved hope. Even before I committed to releasing my addiction, the Promises told me that healing and positive changes were possible in my life, as difficult as it was to understand.

This covenant is still one of the concepts that I have a hard time believing will ever be true for me, but I continue with renewed faith in the Promises and my Higher Power.

Being able to separate enormous guilt from crushing shame is likely tied to the difference between fighting my addiction and releasing it. My hope today is that as I let go more and more, I will be able to learn from the facts of my guilt, and let go of the shame I now keep close as if I'm swimming across the lake of life clinging to a concrete life preserver; I will eventually let go, or it will take me down.

I will let go. –JR

April 24 • Concrete Promises
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