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May 08 • Yeah, but...

Day 303 What is truly safe for me right now? It is hard to imagine I even have a right to hope for or to seek real safety. I have done wrong, and I deserve what life may dump on me, and I am not free from the consequences with which I live, and which could be yet to come.

To live in that guilt and shame is different than acknowledging its existence. I can objectively say that I've earned whatever bad things may happen in the future, while still releasing those things I can no longer control in exchange for the peace that is only possible from a Higher Power and the care of loved ones. Those things are more real than anything that has yet to happen. Those are the sources of my strength, and I must be faithful to them without manipulation so that my present will be filled with the presents of hope and progress. –JR

May 08 • Yeah, but...
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