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December 03 • Can I Help You?

Day 512

It is a powerful thing to think about being able to help other people, not despite my addiction but rather because of it. I suppose it is more accurate to say that the help comes from my recovery as opposed to the acting-out, but they are inseparable. That this life of misery, isolation, and deceit can turn toward joyful community and healthy relationships is just remarkable to consider.

If I stopped my recovery today — if I slipped back into my acting-out — I would never be able to forget this season of peace and hope. I have to believe that those memories would play a significant role in bringing me back to sobriety. It makes sense, and it is also the testimony of so many of the fellows I've gotten to know in my 12 Step program(s).

In the interest of protecting my sobriety, I've been careful not to become a 'helper' too quickly. Now, as I'm completing my first workshop that has helped me through the steps, my eagerness to help others is growing. I still do not need to be in a hurry because there is always danger that my image-maker addict-brain would push me to look good even in recovery, but neither do I need to be as cautious as I've been.

My Higher Power will put me in the right place at the right time to help the right person, and we'll go from there. God grant me the courage to help the people I can.



Everyday I wanna shake somebody's hand

Everyday I wanna make somebody know that they can

Everyday I wanna try to show my brothers and my sisters

That I wanna help them along the way everyday, everyday

–The Oak Ridge Boys, ”Everyday"



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