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Online Meetings

Online Mtgs

With many 12-Step groups going to online meetings, here are some basic resources to get you started. Like other lists on this site, this is not exhaustive, but these are resources that I have used and can recommend.

Scripts for online meetings:

You can use a generic script for online meetings available here, or contact me directly at JR@JohnnyReco.com for a customized version that better represents your affiliations, traditions, and group conscience. I'm also happy to host your script here for ease of access to your members.

The most recent example of a hosted script is here:

Indy Online Monday Men's Meeting

Software for online meetings:

My favorite is ZOOM. It has far more features and I've used it in business for years. 

The one I use in more meetings not run by me is GoToMeeting. It's a bit more basic but has improved a lot over the years since I first tried it.

Search for online meetings:

As COVID-19 led a surge of online meetings, many of the search services had trouble keeping their lists updated, but here are links to the best places I've found to look. Remember, one of the benefits of online meetings is they do not have to be local. 

Image by Brooks Leibee
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