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October 06 • Sorting Thoughts

Day 454

Much of the time, I do not know what to think. Well, I know what I should think, most of the time, but often I don't know how to get there. Even less often do I know what to say.

I still find myself looking for clever words, so whoever is listening will be impressed with my sincerity and hard-learned wisdom. Sometimes I want to call a big, loud "bullshit" on my thoughts, then just shut up and listen.

Today, I am surrounded by external sadness from events with which I am not connected, except for caring about the friends involved. I am deeply at a loss for what to say to real people.

My thoughts are not productive. I want to hear your voice, Father. I am weary of my expectations of doing things right, yet there is nothing more I want. Please help me find the place to rest with you, as you would have me do.



Stinkin thinkin gets you nowhere I'm weighed down with stinkin thinkin

Stinkin thinkin comes from somewhere Is that really what you really what hey?

–Happy Mondays, ”Stinkin Thinkin"


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