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April 04 • Right by Them

Day 269 Dealing with this horrible addiction with my adult children — who have already heard my disclosure — is a haunting concern. I worry more about being too eager to press this conversation with them than I do about being too reluctant. That doesn't mean I'm ready to pursue the more in-depth conversations, or that I even know what to say. But every day that goes by, and every time I'm with them without anything being said, it seems like another lost opportunity.

Do I give them time to bring it up in their own ways and just trust that they will do it, or do I force them to face me with their fears and angers, and even what this may be doing to them in their private thoughts about their behaviors. I tend to put all this over on the side of things that I'll get to when I'm a little further along in my recovery, which I think/hope is the right thing to do, but I'm not certain.

Neither am I sure that I'll have the courage to do the right thing when the time comes for the right thing to be done. –JR

April 04 • Right by Them
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