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April 14 • This Present Battle

Day 279

As I've come to terms with my dishonesty and try to make undefended truth the norm in my life, I've never questioned the value of doing that. But bringing my relationships into the present is a subtlety compelling reason to pursue radical truth in all my relationships; it's the only way to leave the past in the past and live presently toward a healthy future. Pretty simple. I can hardly believe that this particular aspect was not front and center for me. It's not about honesty for the sake of image; it's more about honesty 1) because telling the truth is just the right thing, and; 2) because it is the only path to sanity.

To be clear, getting through the battles caused by truth can be a challenge. But this is a war for sobriety, and I cannot afford to give away any long-term ground to avoid a short-term conflict.




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