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December 26 • Who Am I?

Day 170

What is the truth of who I am?

If we are not what we have done, who are we?

If being is more important than doing, what am I doing while I am being?

Am I only the sum of my memories?

Am I the promise of my potential?

Am I the consequence of my wrongs?

If I'm the manifestation of Grace, then what do I do with that?

If I'm the giver of gratitude, who do I thank?

If the present is all I have, and I am presently trying to answer these questions, then who am I right now?



My storytelling supersedes the more elaborate flows

I never stopped since I was a kid

I been chasing the top

If it's meant to be

God hold me a spot

And tell me who I am

–Cameron London, "Who Am I?"


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