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October 16 • Re-Modeling

Day 464

Learning from others has not been easy for me. Even personality tests indicate I don't place a lot of value on traditional learning methods. Whether that is because I think I'm smarter than everyone else or it's due to something more intrinsic to my DNA does not matter right now.

One reason I believe I acted-in for so many years was my lack of role models with whom I could identify. I can name no more than a handful of people I knew that I ever had a thought of emulating in any capacity. Instead, I relied on me and fantasized my fun while self-righteously wallowing in my image and secret shame.

Now I find in almost every meeting I attend that there is another fellow that I admire to the point of hoping I can attain his level of confidence or success. I recognize the danger in that, so what I am conscious about studying is the why and how of those fellows, not the portrayed image. That takes a bit of work and transparency on my part to participate in that kind of relationship.

Failure comes to us all, so I cannot rest my hopes on others who will fall short, but I can learn and grow and be less of a failure because of what others have learned before me and are now sharing.



Dreams don't come true sometimes

You've got to know when it's time to move on

It's really hard to watch your idols fall

You've got to learn from them and carry on

–King Virtue, ”Dreams Don't Come True Sometimes"



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