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April 01 • Opinion or rage?

Day 266

As addicts, we have differences; we didn't all get here on the same paths. While I hear guys talking about their inward rage and how they often lash out without regard for others, I do not think I struggle with that. Sometimes I get angry at myself for not letting out some of my inner anger, but I rarely let others see me mad. I am well aware that I often have opinions that I don't need to have. I have even made a point with my employees not to ask me for my opinion if they don't need my opinion because I will have one. But I don't see myself as someone who needs to press their thoughts into every situation right away; I enjoy the listening phase. But even as I'm writing this, I'm remembering examples of when I am too quick to offer thoughts, as well as the times when I am comfortable being quiet despite strong or at least defined opinions. I think I need to think about this more.

NOTE: I just shared this with my wife, and in a rare moment of cohesion about such things, her opinion was almost identical to mine in terms of my self-aware observation;-)



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