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February 06 • Stepping Through Life's Mess

Day 212

I am pretty sure I'm over-thinking the work I've put into my Twelve Steps; I'm using way too many words for something that seems complicatedly simple. Between trying to slog through the Step One narrative and journaling every day and listening to the voices of others who care about me, I do feel like I am working the problem, even if not charging through the Steps.

Life seems to be coordinating assaults from multiple sides right now. While I'm quick to blame myself for the karma-effect, I do know that the consequences of my actions have little to do with sick fathers, fallen nephews, and stupid Washington politics. Deep-down, somewhere, surely I do know that.

I try to stay focused on areas I can impact, changing what I can, and releasing the rest to others and to my Higher Power.

I'm not very good at it, but I'm getting better. If only there was a serenity that could help me accept these uncontrollables, and some wisdom to clarify the differences.



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