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October 26 • Re-Powering

Day 474

Power is not something for which I perceive having a need or desire. A few times in my career, I had moments of using positional authority in extraordinary ways, and I was always uncomfortable with it, often even emotional.

I never thought of power, or lack of it, being a factor in my addiction. In fact, it seems I kept putting myself in situations where I was relinquishing my control to others in exchange for the possibility that they would meet my addictive needs. Perhaps there is power in that, or maybe I just did not know how to stand up against invitations and seductions.

If my addiction took away my power, how important is it that I seek to get it back or get it for the first time? This issue does not seem to be a thing to me; it's not something I'm worried about, except when I hear the program telling me that I need to be concerned and growing in this area to advance in health.

I will take this to my sponsor and fellows for a better understanding.



We are beggars, we are choosers drunk on a lack of power

I believe in understanding, I've got to know where we're landing

I'm takin' my survey now, hands up if you're with me

Do you want different choices? Can't hear the quiet voices

–Todd Rundgren, ”No World Order"



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